Along with my institutional course load of 12 hours each semester, and my own independent research, I work with students on research projects, presentations and publications. These students have been recognized for this work. I have taught and advised in research more than 15 math majors at the Citadel, other colleges in the US, as well as colleges abroad.  These students solved open problems posted in journals such as Fibonacci Quarterly, and they have had the opportunity to publish their work. Several of these students published long research papers in prestigious journals. As some of these students are women, or of Asian, or Hispanic heritage, they bring diverse perspective to our work.

Current Classes

Spring 2024

Meeting Time: M,T, W, & F 8:00am

Room: Thompson 303

Meeting Time: M, W, & F 10:00am

Room: Thompson 216

Meeting Time: M, W & F 11:00am

Room: Thompson 317

Office hours  

Monday: 9:00-9:50am

Tuesday: 4:00-4:50pm by appointement

Wednesday: 9:00-9:50am 

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